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Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Ask an expert: Medical tourism

Ask an expert: Keith Pollard

Want to know more about medical tourism? Keith Pollard, Managing Director of health tourism website Treatment Abroad answers some common questions about the destinations, treatments and price savings in getting treatment abroad. Use the video clip menu below to select a question.


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The expert: Keith Pollard

Managing director, Treatment Abroad


Video Transcript: What is medical tourism


Medical tourism is about people travelling abroad for treatment such as cosmetic surgery, increasingly dentistry, nowadays, orthopaedic surgery and some people travel for infertility treatment.


It has been around a long time, you go back to Roman times when the Romans would travel to a Spa for treatment for diseases and illnesses.  So it has been around a long time.  In recent years we’ve seen quite a change in that, where as, fifteen, twenty years ago you had people travelling from developed countries to the USA to the UK for treatment, that situation has reversed and we find lots of people, hundred thousand (this year) from the UK, over a quarter of a million from the US that are going abroad to countries like India, Thailand, Belgium, France and so on.