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Friday 23 August 2019
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Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos: general surgery in Portugal

Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos

High quality general surgery procedures in the Algarve, Portugal, including thyroidectomy, varicose veins treatment, cholecystectomy, and haemorrhoidectomy.


Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos is an HPP Saúde hospital in the Algarve, Portugal providing a variety of elective surgery procedures including thyroidectomy, varicose veins treatment, hip replacement, knee replacement, and treatment of carpel tunnel syndrome. It is a functional and efficient health unit supported by advanced technology and a solid and experienced team of health professionals. The quality of Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos's medical staff, combined with 16 years experience in the Algarve, advanced technology, inspiring architecture, and a privileged location makes the hospital a unique place to receive elective surgery.


Purpose built from scratch, Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos is a modern, functional and efficient health unit which aims to excel as a hospital of the new generation. It provides clinical services in medicine and surgery, with inpatient and outpatient services. It obtained the Quality Certification according to NP EN/ISO 9001:2008 standards in March 2005.


With extensive experience in surgical interventions in the Algarve, Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos and its sister hospital Santa Maria de Faro perform over 3,000 surgeries annually.


The team - Hospital Santa Maria de Faro: cosmetic surgery in Portugal

Medical-surgical hospitalisation

  • 53 beds distributed among private rooms, semi-private rooms, and 3 or 4-bed wards equipped with a private bathroom, cable TV, air-conditioning, telephone, and medical gases network.


Operating room

  • 4 operating rooms equipped with the latest technology, each has a room for pre-anaesthesia, transfer, recovery, and intermediate care, allowing the use of advanced surgical techniques. Post-operative recovery is located in a sector annex to the operating theatre where, in addition to constant monitoring, the patient has at his/her disposal a team of nurses supported by an anaesthesiologist.



  • 24hour English speaking medical assistance

  • English speaking welfare service where visits are made to all clients who have been admitted to the hospital

  • 24hour English speaking phone service, logistic and technical support in case of incident/accident

  • 24hour ambulance service


JCI gold seal - Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos, Algarve: Cosmetic surgery in Portugal

JCI accreditation

Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos, Algarve has been accredited the gold seal of approval by Joint Commission International.  Joint Commission International has evaluated this hospital and found it to meet the international health care quality standards for patient care and organisation management.


Surgical team

The clinical staff and surgical teams working at the Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos and Hospital Santa Maria de Faros are made up of highly qualified professionals with a high degree of competence and experience.

Consultation, examination, hospital admission, and surgery is undertaken by a dynamic and multidisciplinary team that ensures the quality of services which you receive.

The service in multilingual facility, is customised to each patient and follows an ethical code, based on the values of humanism.


Why not combine a holiday with your elective surgery procedure?

More and more people are travelling abroad and seeking private treatment for elective surgery. By solving waiting list problems and obtaining a better service at a lower cost, medical tourism becomes an attractive option. Add the fact that you can enjoy a family holiday while recovering and this may be the ideal solution to a health problem. 

Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos organises and provides medical treatment in the Algarve. Preparation for hospital admission as well as all administrative procedures and accommodation in one of the region’s hotels will be all taken care of to provide you and your family with a high quality service.


Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos

General surgery procedures offered by Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos



The thyroidectomy procedure involves an incision in the anterior neck to remove the thyroid gland.


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Varicose veins surgery (either bilateral or one-sided)

The surgical treatment of choice is varicose incision. The visible varicose veins are removed from the leg through tiny incisions.


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Inguinal hernia surgery (either bilateral or one-sided)

There are two treatments for hernias: open surgery and laparoscopic surgery.

During open surgery, a synthetic mesh is used to reinforce the area and prevent recurrence.


During laparoscopic surgery the surgeon is aided by surgical instruments inserted through incisions. The procedure involves surgeon pulling the herniated intestine back inside the abdomen and closing the hole with a suture and synthetic mesh.


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Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos


Cholecystectomy involves the removal of the gallbladder and is usually performed as a treatment for gallstones.


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Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos uses the "Longo" method for haemorroidectomy surgery because of the ease of surgery and reduced risk of complications.


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Click here to see the full list of general surgery procedures offered by Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos


Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos

Contact details

Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos

Avenida D. Sebastião

8600-502 Lagos

Tel.: +(351) 282 764 806

Website: www.algarvemedicaltourism.com



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