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Friday 23 August 2019
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Dr Sasi Attili : Private UK dermatologist and online skin specialist

Consultant dermatologist - Sasi Attili
Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Sasi Attili is a Consultant Online Dermatologist specialising in wide range of inflammatory skin diseases, acne, pigmentation problems, hair loss, cosmetic dermatology, paediatric dermatology, contact dermatitis, sexually transmitted and genital skin diseases including HIV & genital warts, infections, moles/ skin cancers and skin surgery in white skinned patients as well as black skin.

About Online Dermatologist Dr Sasi Attili

Dr Sasi Attili is a UK trained and accredited dermatologist and the founder of Online Skin Specialist Ltd, which he established to bring expert advice at affordable prices. His NHS and private practice is based in and around Leeds in West Yorkshire, but it is his unique online dermatology service that brings advice about skin conditions to many of his patients.

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Online dermatology consultation

Dr Sasi Attili offers a convenient e-dermatology / tele-dermatology service. This enables anyone to contact him directly, without the need to consult their GP. This service is very affordable with no waiting times; it usually takes 1-2 hours to get a response. Just type your question in the box above.


Wherever you are you are assured top quality skin care advice and personal care. Following a consultation, you can even request a prescription for the medications recommended, which will be despatched to your home address within 24 hours.


How does the online consultation system work?

Dermatology is a very visual science and most diagnosis can be made on the basis of good quality photographs and a good history (which can be provided securely through his dermatology consultation website and over the telephone). Whether your consultation is online or on the phone, Dr Attili aims to deliver the same quality of care you would receive from consulting him in person.


His online consultation fee is very affordable and will appeal to people who do not have easy access to a reputable skin specialist. In most cases he aims to provide you with a solution, without the need for further investigations. However, if necessary you may be asked to make an appointment to see him or another doctor, in person. 


Key benefits of the online dermatology service:


  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed: or your money back
  • Convenient: Consult a Skin Specialist directly, without the need to consult your family doctor
  • Confidential advice
  • Prescription service (possible for UK and Indian clients only, at the moment)
  • Instant response, with the option to speak to Dr Attili on the phone
  • Affordable
  • Accessible where ever you are in the world

Dr Attili’s experience in the diagnosis and treatment of skin problems is widespread and includes the following: inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, urticarial, contact dermatitis, skin infections skin cancer and moles, acne, pigmentation problems, hair loss and paediatric dermatology.


Private Consultant Dermatologist Dr Sasi Attili describes his online skin specialist service.

Contact UK online skin specialist Dr Sasi Attili

Tel:  UK - +44 7952 708911 (0600-2300 GMT)


Email: enquiry form

Website: www.onlineskinspecialist.com


GMC Number:


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Date of registration:

01 Feb 2005





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