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Friday 23 August 2019
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Medical tourism: 2007 survey report and research

In recent years, there has been a rapid growth in “medical tourism” whereby patients in developed countries such as the UK and USA are travelling to other countries, mainly to save money on the cost of treatment within their own country.


Little, if any, research has been undertaken in this area to discover why people have decided to travel for treatment, how medical tourists have viewed their experience and what their satisfaction levels have been with treatment and services in other countries.


A new research study, funded by Intuition Communication, fills some of the gaps in knowledge about medical tourists’ motivations and experiences. The report will be available in mid-February 2008, and can be purchased from Intuition for 500 Euros plus VAT.


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Contents of the report


Demographics of medical tourists

  • Sex

  • Age breakdown

  • Place of permanent residence


Nature of trip

  • Where did they go?
  • Treatment type
  • Reasons for travelling abroad for treatment


Reasons for travel

  • Key drivers for all medical tourists
  • Key drivers for dental treatment abroad
  • Key drivers for cosmetic surgery abroad
  • Key drivers for surgery and scans abroad
  • Key drivers for infertility treatment abroad

Arrangement of trip

  • How people arranged their treatment
  • Source of information about treatment abroad
  • Initial contact with service provider
  • Duration of trip

  • Choice of healthcare provider


Expenditure on treatment

  • Expenditure on the total medical tourism “package”
  • Estimated savings on treatment abroad


Patient experience

  • Patient satisfaction levels

  • Communication and language problems

  • Response to follow-up questions

  • Willingness to repeat the experience

  • Willingness to use the same service again

  • Willingness to recommend the service to others

  • Level of satisfaction with aspects of their treatment



Appendix 1: Invitation to participate
Appendix 2: Verbatim responses

  • Reasons for going abroad
  • Reasons for choosing
  • Communication or language difficulties
    • Positive responses
    • Neutral/Some problems
    • Negative responses
  • Handling of queries after the visit
    • Positive responses
    • Neutral responses
    • Negative responses
  • Additional comments on the experience
    • Positive comments
    • Neutral comments
    • Negative comments
  • Reasons for dissatisfaction
    • Positive responses
    • Negative responses
  • What treatment or operation did you have abroad?


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