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Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Search the Treatment Abroad directory of medical tourism companies

The Treatment Abroad directory enables you to search for international medical tourism companies, services, agencies, hospitals, clinics, doctors and dentists worldwide that specialise in providing treatment for patients from abroad. The A-Z listings include basic information such as contact details, and a brief profile.


Rate your experience of treatment abroad

If you have been to one of these healthcare providers for treatment, you can tell other patients about your experiences by sharing your opinions and experiences through our Ratings and Reviews service. Select the company, hospital or clinic in the listings and then select  "Write a review".


You can search by:

  • Organisation (e.g. all or part of the name of the medical tourism company, agency, hospital, or clinic)

  • Countries where treatment is provided (enter the country where you want to be treated)

  • Services offered (select the treatment that you are seeking)

  • Country where organisation is based (the country where the company or provider has its head office)

  • A keyword (e.g. hip, facelift, barcelona)