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Saturday 24 August 2019
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10 good reasons to travel to Greece for cosmetic surgery

10 good reasons to travel to Greece for cosmetic surgery
Dr Prodromos Papaioannou describes the advantages of travelling to Greece for plastic surgery.

Greece is a relative newcomer in the field of medical tourism. It is no newcomer in tourism. It is also no newcomer in cosmetic surgery. Here are 10 reasons why you should travel to Greece when considering a cosmetic procedure.

1. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, 147,000 cosmetic procedures were performed in Greece in 2011. 50% of these procedures were surgical procedures. This places Greece on the second place worldwide after South Korea, regarding the procedures done per 1000 population. So Greece is definitely no newcomer in cosmetic surgery.

2. In 2012, Greece welcomed 2,464,908 tourists. It is one of the top touristic countries and is well known for the combination of the wonderful landscapes, the thousands of archeological attractions, the beautiful weather and the Greek hospitality and food. Most of the tourists have visited Greece before and will visit it again, due to the high touristic services offered.
3. Greece is an EU country and its health system complies by the EU regulations. This means that hospitals, doctors and health institutions follow the EU guidelines and have the same standards. Due to the economical crisis, there has been a lack of funds in the public hospitals. However, private clinics, where all cosmetic procedures take place have not been affected from the financial situation and still boast the highest standards of health practice.


4. Most doctors in Greece have been trained in major European countries such as in Germany, the UK and France. It is common knowledge in Greece that its doctors are among the best worldwide. Plastic surgeons in Greece travel a lot during their career always obtaining new knowledge and experience and the treatments stay always up to date.


5. One of the advantages of being inside the EU, besides the common currency, is the fact that any possible medical complications can be dealt with very straightforwardly. Most health insurance companies will cover the expenses for any unexpected complications such as pulmonary embolism or heart attack, which may occur at any surgical procedure. Besides, on the unlikely event of malpractice, it is much easier to commence a law suit against the doctor or clinic, than it is against outside the EU.


6. The major cities in Greece, Athens and Thessaloniki have good flight coverage and on the other hand are highly valued for their shopping and lifestyle. From local flea markets to elegant boutiques, traditional Greek taverns to Michelin starred restaurants, numerous museums to wild nightclubs, all is there to meet one’s needs. 


7. Due to the financial crisis, cosmetic procedures and hotels in Greece are now very affordable. However, the quality of the medical and touristic services remains very high.


8. Unlike other countries, medical tourists in Greece can combine their medical treatment with a vacation. This is sometimes crucial for patients who normally have to take a leave of absence when they undergo a cosmetic procedure. It is a petty to sacrifice a week or two from one’s precious vacation days to have a cosmetic procedure, when it is possible to combine the latter with a convenient holiday in one of the many resorts Greece has to offer.


9. The famous Greek hospitality also applies to the doctors and clinic staff. We welcome foreign patients warmly and always try to do our best to live up to their expectations. This does not only refer to the medical treatment but to the overall experience, leading to high levels of satisfaction.


10. The Greek culture has always been pursuing aesthetic perfection. The perfect body and face has been depicted in the antiquity, along with the well being of the mind. We modern plastic surgeons still value our tradition and perceive our job as a kind of art, one which has to do with body and soul.


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Dr Prodromos Papaioannou completed his training in general surgery in Germany and specialised in Plastic Surgery in hospitals in various cities including Hamburg. Prodromos has experience in breast surgery, microsurgery and minimally invasive surgery of the hand and wrist.


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