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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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European Air Ambulance : World wide air ambulance service

European Air Ambulance

European Air Ambulance (EAA) is one of the largest specialised air ambulance service providers in Europe offering worldwide air ambulance repatriation with outstanding end-to-end patient care.


EAA founders DRF Luftrettung and Luxembourg Air Ambulance have a combined record of over 45 successful years of experience in air ambulance services.


Both together operate more than 50 helicopters and 7 air ambulance aircraft and have performed over 650.000 missions.


DRF Luftrettung and Luxembourg Air Ambulance gather medical repatriation experience from over 150 countries worldwide, giving EAA one of the broadest expertise in the air ambulance industry. EAA can also rely on a dense network of international co-operation agreements, which ensures speedy and smooth execution of intensive care transports with bed-to-bed service.


EAA provides its services 24/7/365 throughout the world.


Ambulance services offered 

European Air Ambulance can provide you with a large range of medical services. For all services please contact the EAA Mission Control Centre, open 365 days a year 24 hours a day. Call +49 711 7007 7007 or click here to request a quote.


Air ambulance repatriation

Air ambulance repatriation including 1 physician and 1 flight nurse or paramedic, medical pre-flight clearance with physician-to-physician consultation, bed-to-bed transfer of the patient, organisation of ground ambulance transportation at both ends of the flight and a full post-mission medical report from the treating physician.


Medical clearance

A pre-flight medical clearance with a physician-to-physician consultation is included in all Air Ambulance flights. 


Double stretcher in air ambulance

Full double stretcher air ambulance aircraft capable of transporting two intensive care patients simultaneously.

Organ transplant logistics

EAA can pick up your medical team with an appropriate aircraft from your hospital, fly them to the hospital where the organ awaits collection and back to the receiving hospital for the final operation.


European Air Ambulance

Neonatal / incubator transport

Combining intensive care and paediatrics, neonatology involves the specialist care of newborn and/or premature babies, invariably using an incubator.

Rescue helicopters

EAA can organise transfers using fully equipped rescue helicopters.


Medical escort on scheduled airlines

Working closely with major airlines, EAA can organise the repatriation of your patient either on a stretcher or as a sitting patient in a specified service class.

The European Air Ambulance fleet

Seven air ambulance aircraft, 2 Learjet 45XR and 5 Learjet 35A, belonging to DRF Luftrettung and Luxembourg Air Ambulance are under the exclusive coordination of European Air Ambulance.


All aircraft are fitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment and necessary medication to ensure outstanding patient care. 


neonatal / incubator transport

Mission control

The EAA Mission Control Centre is on duty 24 hours a day - 365 days a year. For direct contact call: +49 711 7007 7007 or click here to request a quote.


Find out more about the EAA mission control centre.


24/7 air ambulance specialist medical staff

EAA missions are always crewed with a specialised team of 1 physician and 1 nurse or paramedic. Other specialist medical crew can be called upon, depending on the patient’s medical requirements. Read more about EAA's medical staff.


contact details

Contact details

European Air Ambulance

175A, rue de Cessange

1321 Luxembourg



Tel:  +49 711 7007 7007
Fax: +49 711 7007 7009

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Website:  www.air-ambulance.com



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