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Saturday 24 August 2019
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Surgery and private hospital treatment in Malta

Surgery and private hospital treatment in Malta
Marsaxlokk fishing village

We operate a dedicated medical tourism site, Treatment in Malta, for people who are interested specifically in this popular medical travel destination or who are residents of Malta. Visit Treatment in Malta....


Malta, situated in the very centre of the Mediterranean, boasts an enviable combination of beautiful scenery, frenetic nightlife, rich history and a people noted by St. Paul as “unusually friendly.”  It is a cross between an open air museum and a hedonistic Mediterranean resort and remains one of the safest English speaking countries in the world.  The weather is always pleasant, and temperatures vary from mild to roasting hot, even in the depths of winter.


Malta is just a few hours’ flying time from most mainland European cities and has excellent intercontinental connections. Scheduled services and charter flights offer a convenient departure point from European regional cities.


The quality of medical care in Malta is excellent. Private hospitals generally offer a higher standard of service than the public hospitals, and many of the best doctors practise in private medical facilities.


Prices for surgery in Malta can be 60 to 70% lower than for corresponding treatment in the UK. So, by choosing to have your treatment in Malta you can make substantial savings on cost and enjoy a kaleidoscope of past and present (a fascinating legacy of European culture and rural Mediterrranean traditions) and take advantage of one of the many medical holidays that are available in this amazing island.


So that you can make an informed decision about going to Malta for surgery abroad we provide the following information:



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