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Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Infertility treatment in Naples, Italy

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JM and KM are a couple in the forties. They had tried many times to become parents through assisted reproduction treatments. They had all but given up all hope when they heard about The Centre for Assisted Fertilisation in Naples, Italy.

JM tells their story in her own words:

"Are you considering giving up on your dream of becoming a Mother? Don't for there's help out there. Wait till you hear what I have to say.

"My name is JM and my husband KM we are both in our 40s. We’ve tried all avenues for the dream of becoming parents come true but fail. Several IVF treatments but fail, until we were introduced by a friend to Dr Brian Dale who has a clinic in the UK for consultation and treatment carried on in Italy.

"At a point KM gave up because he thought it was going to be another waste of money and energy but I was encouraged and motivated by Dr Brian and their coordinator Yvonne to give myself a chance which today, I can see and hold in my hands and say" it paid off" thank God for mercy. Our baby BM is growing beautifully.

"Their treatment is cheaper, they have the equipment and the staff are good. They make you feel at home.

"Having treatment in abroad (Naples) has three or more benefits:


  1. "It’s a holiday: - One is more relaxed physically, mentally and psychologically making the body ready for treatment. It's like an adventure with hope and good results.
  2. "It’s cheaper: - Treatment in the Naples is cheaper than that of UK and fast tracked. The total price of treatment and medicines are just the same price as having treatment in the UK BUT with a holiday and lots of sunshine to boost your vitamin D levels which also helps with fertility as researched recently.
  3. "Good Staff: - The team at the centre is really good. They treat you with care and make you feel special being a "visitor". You are given feedback and what to expect plus the outcomes of treatment and also gives you the best treatment no matter your situation or condition, age or colour. The coordinator finds you the nicest and reasonable B&B and shows you around and where to get things. Everyone wants to feel important wherever they go and you can't miss that with the staff of "clinica de villa” or CFA in Naples.

"So don't give up yet, just take a holiday, take Dr Brian Dale's advice and give yourself a chance. Call them for help and you'll come back smiling just like us.

"Thanks be to God, Dr Brian, Dr Scotti, Yvonne and all staff at CFA.






Patient story supplied by The Centre for Assisted Fertilisation in Naples, Italy.


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