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Monday 22 July 2019
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Fertility treatment at emBIO Medical Centre in Greece


Sharifa from Dharan travelled to emBio Medical Centre in Greece for fertility care because the treatment she desired is not available in Saudi Arabia.

She was accompanied by her husband and they needed to make only one trip lasting 9 days to Athens to complete the treatment, which cost €7,000. The reasons they chose emBIO were:

  1. The high success rates achieved by emBIO
  2. Good reviews they found on the Internet
  3. The highly experienced fertility specialists in Athens


Sharifa remembers the positive experience she and her husband had:

"They allowed me to start the treatment and undergo tests in my home country (supported by my own insurance) and provide them with the results.

"They answered all my questions in a professional way and in short period of time, even on a Saturday night."


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