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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Nefrologiki Thessalonikis: Dialysis treatment in Greece

Nefrologiki Thessalonikis

Nefrologiki Thessalonikis is a nephrology clinic offering dialysis treatment in Greece.  The clinic offers a comfortable and secure environment for dialysis treatment, with highly trained staff available to assist at all times.

A visit to the clinic does not end merely with the dialysis procedure. Specially laid-out areas are available such as the unit’s cafeteria and comfortable lounges. The receptionists show visitors there with the aim of making them feel comfortable in a truly people-oriented space, which is every bit as fine as the equivalent hotel facilities. The good mood of the patients, relatives and friends is an important part of the care that the clinic offers.

The structure of the centre and, above all, the people-oriented staff have one sole aim - to provide all types of services to visitors with special care and attention.

The foremost concern of the Nephrology clinic is to offer patients medical services of the same and/or higher quality than those they receive at their place of permanent residence. For this reason our clinic combines state-of-the-art medical facilities and the latest-generation technological equipment, with exceptional staff, both medical and non-medical, providing only the very best care for our patients.

Dialysis treatment in Greece

The first and second floors of the Nephrology clinic house thirty cutting-edge dialysis machines, aimed at providing health services with maximum safety and efficiency.

Nefrologiki Thessalonikis
  • Gambro AK 200 S and AK 200 ULTRA S dialysis machines
  • Low & high flux polysulfone, or any other membrane, dialyser filters
  • Dialyser solutions with bicarbonate (Bi-bag)
  • Two Culligan water conditioning systems
  • Microbiology and radiology laboratory

All dialysis stations are equipped with a telephone and radio. Television can be viewed from every position in the area allowing all patients to while away the time of their treatment in a pleasant and entertaining manner. 

A specially laid-out VIP dialysis room is also available, to offer a perfect combination of peace in isolation with all modern comforts.

Nefrologiki Thessalonikis
The excellent infrastructure is supported by the examination areas, the rapid treatment units and the changing rooms.  The unit has its own state-of-the-art private ambulance for emergencies.

Medical support for dialysis treatment in Greece

Their physicians are present at every dialysis and they remain at the disposal of patients round the clock, both to provide all types of advice and to deal with any emergency that may arise.  Patients are constantly closely supervised by the nursing and medical staff who in addition to having been chosen according to the strictest criteria as regards both their high level of education and their proven experience in the sector, have also undertaken additional integrated training and specialisation within the Unit.

Nefrologiki Thessalonikis ambulance

Visiting Greece for dialysis treatment


  • The Nephrology clinic has an agreement with all insurance organizations, which cover the transportation costs of Greek patients and all their hospital costs.
  • It provides assistance services for agreement with the hotels where patients stay for their holidays and all necessary information on matters of tourism or other matters of interest.
  • During the patients’ stay in the hotels the clinic contacts them with a view to giving them precise details of the procedures that they must follow.
  • The clinic also gives visitors the opportunity to use fax machines and computers for sending e-mails.

Clinic location

The Thessaloniki Nephrology Clinic is in a key location by the sea in Neoi Epivates, southeast of Thessaloniki: only ten minutes from the airport, half an hour from the historic centre of Thessaloniki and one hour from the centre of Chalkidiki. It is 15 kilometres away from Thessaloniki, 10 km from the airport, 50 km from Nea Moudania, 70 km from the Municipality of Kassandra, and 85 km from Sithonia making it easily, comfortably and safely accessible from all areas. 

Nefrologiki Thessalonikis

Contact details

Nei Epivates


Τel: +30 23920 20400 & 20545
Fax: +30 23920 20585

Find the clinic: Map of the clinic location

Website: Nefrologiki Thessalonikis 

Email: reception@nefrologiki.gr or online contact form



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