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Tuesday 21 November 2017
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Compare the cost of elective surgery abroad


The Treatment Abroad PriceWatch survey is an independent survey of medical tourism prices. The full report embraces elective surgery (e.g. hip replacement, knee surgery abroad), cosmetic surgery and dental treatment abroad. Read more about the report...


Comparisons of some types of elective surgery are shown in the pages listed below. The price comparisons for elective surgery take into account hospital and doctor charges, but do not include the costs of flights and hotel bills for the expected length of stay.


















Get a quote

Our "Get a quote" service, enables you to compare prices and providers, quickly and efficiently. Complete the enquiry form for the kind of treatment that you are seeking, select the countries that you are interested in and you will get a response from a several hospitals, clinics and medical tourism companies within 48 hours.

Get a quote for treatment abroad...

How to pay for treatment abroad 

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About foreign exchange provider Currencies Direct

Currencies Direct was the first independent foreign exchange company outside of the banking world.  


Currencies Direct has been meeting client requirements in the UK for the past 16 years, achieving an average 3% better rate than any bank for international bank to bank transfers. Operating on 5 continents, Currencies Direct makes an average of 220,000 transactions per year for its extensive client base of over 200,000 registered clients and 3,000 partners worldwide. As a fully FSA registered organisation and with an average growth of 20% per year since its creation, the credit agency D&B has given Currencies Direct a #1 rating for its reliability and security.