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Monday 22 July 2019
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A guide to dentistry abroad

NOTE: This guide can be downloaded as a PDF document to read at your leisure.

More and more people are considering dental treatment abroad.  Most are attracted by the competitive prices offered in overseas destinations; others wish to combine their dental treatment with a relaxing period of recovery in a sunny climate, or with a regular holiday trip.

But for the patient considering dental treatment abroad, there may be some concerns. What are the conditions like in dental clinics overseas? Is the dentist suitably qualified? Where can I get the best deal? What questions should I ask about the treatment? What happens if I am unhappy with the outcome of the treatment?

This guide attempts to answer these questions and guides the patient through the process of exploring the options for dental treatment abroad. It has been developed through the experience that we have gained through operating the Treatment Abroad web site and our knowledge of the medical tourism industry in general.

In the guide:




  • Typical costs for dentistry abroad
    The prices in this guide provide an average price of each procedure in each country, based on published prices from an example supplier. 


  • Restorative dental treatments: could I go abroad?

    Some complex dental treatments require multiple visits, often spaced over several weeks or months, which means that you would have to travel abroad repeatedly. So which dental treatments can you plan to have abroad, and which are just too complex? 








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Dentistry abroad guide - teeth inspection
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