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Tuesday 18 December 2018
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MEDSPA: Cosmetic dentistry and implantology in Bulgaria

Helping medical tourists to make informed decision about medical treatment in Bulgaria

"Satisfied clients are our primary concern!"

MEDSPA BG is a medical tourism facilitator in Bulgaria, providing affordable solutions for COSMETIC DENTISTRY AND  DENTAL IMPLANTS. Their mission is to help patients make informed decisions about treatment abroad, have a safe and stress-free travel experience and receive the highest quality medical services at a reasonable cost. 


Professionalism, High Quality, Low-Cost!


Why choose MEDSPA in Bulgaria?

At MEDSPA BG they consider that every patient deserves high quality, cost-effective medical care.


With MEDSPA BG you can save several thousand pounds by choosing dental treatment in Sofia, Bugaria. You are assured of a successful, safe and enjoyable stay in Bulgaria through a company that works with the leading dental specialists and clinics in Bulgaria.


Top class dental treatment in Bulgaria

You can:

  • Rely on quality services provided by a team of experienced, highly renowned professionals
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Individual approach/care
  • No waiting list
  • Combine a relaxing holiday with a positive result for your health!
  • Personal care while you are in Bulgaria

Top class dental treatment in Bulgaria

For the last few years, due to the extensive development by reputable doctors of private clinics with state-of-the-art medical equipment, Bulgaria has been rising as a new reliable, time and cost saving health destination in Europe. Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna are not just business destinations, but easily accessible EU cities, which provide cultural and tourist attractions as a bonus to improving your health.


Read more about the high quality medical treatments and excellent service available in Bulgaria.


Dental holiday in Bulgaria

Dental tourism to Eastern Europe has gained in popularity, with countries such as Bulgaria being seen as high quality, reasonable cost destinations for any kind of dental problem.


In Bulgaria you can find modern dental clinics with highly experienced specialists and state-of-the-art equipment, and benefit from dental treatments at prices about 60% lower than the average in Western Europe. 


MEDSPA will arrange your dental vacation in Bulgaria; they will take care of the details and save you any stress. Your dental treatment will be at Medical Dent, a leading Bulgarian clinic in aesthetic dentistry and implantology, located in Sofia.


What dental procedures are available at Medical Dent in Sofia?


Every patient deserves high quality cost effective medical care

Veneers: a contemporary long-term aesthetic solution that significantly enhances your smile and improves your self-confidence.


Crowns: Medical Dent clinic offer all types of crowns at competitive prices − conventional metal ceramic, zirconium, all-porcelain and CEREC ceramic crowns. Medical Dent applies threshold filling method to make the crowns fit perfectly around the tooth contour, avoid periodontitis and achieve a better biological tolerance. Crowns can be provided in just one hour thanks to the state-of-the-art technology available


Laser aesthetic re-contouring improves gum appearance and most often is complementary to aesthetic reconstruction with porcelain veneers or crowns.


Caries treatment at Medical Dent is performed through minimally invasive dentistry. As well as using X-rays, Medical Dent applies DIAGNOdent laser detection of caries. If the problem is detected in its early stage, the decayed tooth surface can be successfully restored through HealOzone® technology.


The dentists at Medical Dent have also expertise in bonding, whitening, treatment of inflammation or aesthetic problems of the gingivae, treatment of tooth canals, braces, brackets and Invisalign as well as snoring treatment through soft palate implants (Pillar procedure).


What else can I expect from MEDSPA in Bulgaria?

When organising medical treatment abroad, MEDSPA provides the following free services to clients:

  • Co-ordination between the patient and the dentist
  • All paperwork
  • Assistance with travel arrangements: help to find the cheapest flight tickets and help to book accommodation
  • Meet and greet at the airport and transfer to the hotel
  • Transportation to all appointments at the respective clinic and back to the hotel
  • Cell phone with the doctor's cell phone number and other important numbers pre-programmed (for some treatments)
  • Translation and interpreting services
  • Traveller’s information and advice on cultural differences, savings, spa treatments, sightseeing, dining, movies, concerts, wine tasting, day trips to historical, cultural or natural landmarks and shopping
  • Arranging trips to local attractions
  • Return transfer to the airport



Patients need to book their own low cost flights to Sofia. It is only 2.50 hours away from the UK and return flight tickets cost around £100.  


MEDSPA can help with the booking of accommodation. They offer a wide selection of apartments and hotels from only GPB20 per night. 


Contact MEDSPA for treatment in Bulgaria

Contact MEDSPA for dental treatment in Bulgaria




Mobile:  +359 888 716 775

             +359 888 883 181

             +359 889 310 686


Email:      office@medspa.bg

Website: www.medspa.bg 


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