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Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Male breast reduction (gynaecomastia) in Poland

Professional Beauty

James went to Poland for cosmetic surgery from Adam Kalecinski at Professional Beauty in Wroclaw.


He said: "I can’t quite believe I agreed to write about my trip to Poland as a ‘medical tourist’ – especially as I went for male breast reduction… Let’s just call it gynaecomastia – even though we know I was really getting my Moobs reduced!"


James is delighted with the results and he told Treatment Abroad: "I had become increasingly embarrassed at my man boobs and couldn’t seem to shift them through diet, exercise or hope. So I decided to look at other options and took up with Professional Beauty because they got back to me quickly, personally and helpfully. I hadn’t been to Poland before and was pleasantly surprised by the many similarities with Britain and the beauty of Wroclaw’s central city squares. To be honest, I was very scared of having surgery and it was a relief to see the clinic so clean, bright and modern. Adam was the king of calm and I was pleased to hear that there was a guy or two, like me coming for the same thing every week!! I felt less of a ‘freak’ and just wanted to do it now. It didn’t hurt – but was a bit sore afterwards. The pain was relieved with a dose or two of Polish beer (don’t tell Adam) and I flew home soon afterwards.

"I am delighted with the results. I can now wear any clothes with confidence and the almost invisible scarring around the nipple area is a more than fair price to pay. Life post Moobs is looking good – I only wish I had heard about Professional Beauty sooner."


Patient story supplied by Professional Beauty, Poland.

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