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Tuesday 23 July 2019
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PIP implants: Replacement abroad

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Following the widespread coverage of the use of PIP breast implants in UK cosmetic surgery clinics, concerns have been raised by British women who have undergone breast enlargement surgery in the UK. Some women wish to have their PIP implants removed and replaced but are patients of clinics that have refused compensation them or will not undertake the replacement. These women are now seeking reputable clinics that will remove and replace their PIP breast implants. Going abroad for PIP implant replacement is an attractive and lower cost option for these patients.

Read this patient story of a Gloucestershire woman who went for PIP implant replacement in Belgium.


The use of PIP implants in Europe

 When the PIP implant issue first came to light, Treatment Abroad surveyed the cosmetic surgery clinics included on the site to establish their historic use of PIP implants for international patients. These clinics include some of the leading cosmetic surgery centres in Europe, Popular destinations for patients seeking breast enlargement abroad include Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Turkey and Poland.

The responses from the clinics were as follows:

  • None of the overseas clinics contacted by Treatment Abroad have ever made use of PIP implants. They avoid the use of low cost breast implants, particularly for patients from another country where post–operative complications are more of an issue.
  • All clinics maintain a record of what kind of implant has been inserted in each patient.
  • Patients are informed of the type of implant used and the patient receives warranty documentation post surgery.
  • All clinics monitor rupture rates on the different types of implants that they use. Rupture rates are within the industry norms of 1% to 2%.        


Replacement of PIP implants abroad

Many of the clinics on the Treatment Abroad site offer PIP implant replacement at competitive prices. Typical costs for PIP implant replacement abroad will vary from one clinic and country to another. You may expect to pay between £2,000 and £3,500, depending on which country and clinic you choose.


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We have highlighted some of the cosmetic surgery clinics below that are offering replacement of PIP implants abroad:


Featured clinics offering PIP implants replacement abroad